Why Us

Workmanship Warranty

When hiring a Watertown plumber we know that there are a lot of plumbers to choose from and that finding a plumber that you can trust is your first priority! That is why at R Plumbing we offer a Workmanship Warranty on all of the jobs that we perform. We want you to be able to feel confident that the quality of work that we perform is going to last you and that we are not just putting a bandaid over the problem but actually getting to the root of the cause. This helps our customers have a piece of mind knowing that their plumbing problem is going to get taken care of and that their investment is going to go to a good place! When you are looking for a Watertown plumber we encourage that you ask them what kind of warranties that they provide to their customers. We believe you will be surprised at how many of them do not offer any kind of workmanship warranty to their customers. We believe that by offering this Workmanship Warranty we are helping build trust with our customers and the community so that they can feel confident to hire contractors once again. Do not let that plumbing issue sit and fester because you are scared of a plumber taking advantage of you or doing a poor job. But call R Plumbing so that we can get your job taken care of and then you will be covered under our Workmanship Warranty.

Licensed & Insured

It is terrifying how many people are calling themselves a Watertown plumber when they actually have no real licensing or insurance as an actual plumber! That is a huge risk that they are bringing into your home as faulty plumbing work can cost you big time in the long run! From burst pipes, to mold, and even flooding, faulty plumbing work is definitely not something you want to mess with! Unfortunately, when you hire a general handyman to take care of your plumbing they may be cheaper then a qualified Watertown plumber but will cost you big time if the work is not performed correctly. There have been several occasions where we have to go out to a customer’s home to re-due work that they had already paid a handyman or fake plumber to do but it was not done right the first time. Everything that we do at R Plumbing is to build confidence and trust in our customers. From having the proper licensing and insurance, to ongoing training, and even offering our Workmanship Warranty we strive to give our customers every reason to trust that their job is going to be taken care of correctly! If you are hiring a Watertown plumber please ask for their licensing and insurance so that you know for sure they are qualified, doing a quick search to look at their google reviews will also let you know what kind of customer service they are delivering. 

High Quality Materials

We believe that it is not just our quality of workmanship that determines the quality of experience that you have with R Plumbing but that the materials in which we use greatly impacts the success of your job as well. When you hire us as your Watertown plumber you can trust that the materials in which we use are of the highest of quality. A lot of times plumbers will buy cheap materials then mark them up so that they make a high profit off of it. At R Plumbing we operate with the mindset of treating others how we would want to be treated which is why we buy materials that are affordable but will last! Our goal is to become your go-to Watertown plumber that you can feel confident in referring to friends and family members, if the parts we use break down on you then you will not feel confident in referring us to your loved ones. That is why we are very intentional about using products that we feel confident in the integrity of. Oftentimes the parts we use even come with a manufacturer warranty which means you are not only just covered under our Workmanship Warranty but also have a warranty for the parts used on your job as well. 

Background Checked & Drug Tested

When you are hiring any kind of contractor or getting any kind of work done to your home it can be nerve racking to have a stranger coming in and out of the place you call home. That is why to become a Watertown plumber at R Plumbing you have to go under extensive background checks and drug testing as we want to make sure that the individuals in which we hire are of high character. We know that the safety of you and your family is always going to be top priority which is why we make it ours as well! When we hire for a Watertown plumber we hire for character over skill every single day of the week. We do this because we know that skill is something we can teach where character is something that the individual has to be able to bring to the table. When you are getting work done at your home we know that you want the person doing the work being professional and respectful. That is why we require our guys to treat your home better than their own. Making sure to clean up after themselves and treat each customer with respect no matter the situation. 

There are many reasons why we believe we are your best choice for a Watertown plumber but we would love for you to find out for yourself! Give us a call today so that we can get you on the schedule and earn the right to be your plumber of choice. We look forward to serving you and your family with affordable and high quality plumbing solutions!