About Us

Ryan Kohlhoff, Owner

After working for a handful of companies as a Watertown plumber in my 13 year career from June 2004 to September 2017, I decided I wanted to quit “working for the man” and be “the man.” Therefore, R Plumbing was born! Starting on September 12th, 2017 but little did I know that 5 weeks later on my 32nd birthday, my world would flip upside down. I was relocating a treestand and fell 25 feet, falling and breaking both my legs and my spinal cord. I remained 3 ½ weeks in hospitals with months and months of rehab ahead of me. Only having a 10% to ever walk again, I was able to defy the odds with a great neurosurgeon Dr. Andrew Bekovsky. While I will never be 100% from the injury, you immediately learn to appreciate the little things and life we all take for granted every day. I believe that this experience has not only made me a better person but a better Watertown plumber, as it has taught me to work hard for what I believe in! It made me very grateful for the people in my life and the support system I had which has given me the heart to give back to the community. I would be honored for the opportunity to become your go-to Watertown plumber!

How and Why I got into the industry

I was offered a Watertown plumber job shortly before high school ended and figured I’d give it a try and see if I enjoyed it. After learning new things at every job site, you soon realize how much there is to plumbing than the normal “hot on left, cold or right, water flows downhill.” I soon hooked up with a slightly larger company who did new construction on grocery stores, involving heavy equipment operating. As a 19 year old kid, this was a lot of fun. Therefore my love for the industry blossomed! Being able to serve people as a Watertown plumber and provide them solutions brings me joy. It is also an opportunity to build relationships with other people in the community and get to talk to people throughout the day. As a plumber we are always challenged with finding problems and coming up with creative solutions which makes my days very eventful. This love for new challenges, working with my hands, and talking to people made being a Watertown plumber the perfect career choice for me!

Vision for the company

As we grow our team of Watertown plumber technicians my goal is to provide customers with a sense of comfort to let the professional come in and “treat every job as if it were our own home” no matter how large the company grows. While our slogan is “We will always answer or return your call,” because we know how frustrating it can be to call someone for help and they never return your call. While we can not get to every job on the planet, we will be glad to refer help if we are not able to. We will never lose that small friendly locally owned company feel as we are always intentional about the customer service and quality of work in which we deliver as Watertown plumber. I want to ensure that every customer is completely satisfied and believes that R Plumbing is out to do quality work at an affordable price. The slogan “treat people how you would like to be treated” is constantly in the back of every Watertown plumber technician’s head. 

When you use R Plumbing for any of your plumbing needs you can feel confident that you are going to have a premier plumbing experience! From the way we answer the phone to the moment we leave your house we are very intentional about being the Watertown plumber that leaves a very positive impression. Showing up on time, explaining the issue then giving multiple solutions is the only way that we do business. Even as we become larger as a company we promise to never compromise on these values and that the quality of service in which you receive will always be at the highest of standards! We want the entire Watertown and surrounding areas to never have to worry about looking for a high character and high quality Watertown plumber again! 

Why you should work with us

We take a lot of pride in our Watertown plumber work and like to stand back and admire when we are completed with our task. We enjoy installing our gravity return systems in our new homes, eliminating the time to wait for hot water, which really impresses the new homeowner. Depending on the house layout, this ensures hot water to a faucet within a few seconds. We also take pride in being a very clean contractor. There is nothing more annoying than having a Watertown plumber come into your home in which you have to pay, but now you have to clean up after him/her. From tarps to paper towels to Clorox disinfecting wipes, we carry all of this on our vans. 

This is why we are very picky about the individuals we add to our team. At R Plumbing we value character way over skill as skill is something we can teach while character is something you have to bring to the table. We do not tolerate people who are perpetually late, debbie downers, or couch potatoes. It is our mission to give our Watertown plumber customers the best experience possible which is why we only hire people with positive coachable attitudes, a good work ethic, and will go above and beyond for our customers. If you are looking for consistent work, a positive work environment, and the opportunity to learn skills then give us a call today! We are always looking for players to add to our Watertown plumber team! We would love to hear why you would like to work for us and what your goals are so that we can see if it would be a good fit so go ahead and call us today!